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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does it work with iPhone?
    YES! Your ads display as Ads on popular apps and websites. In other words, any person with an iPhone, Android, Tablet or Laptop automatically have the capability to see your add when they are using the apps or browsing the sites - without needing to install a separate app! 
  2. But how exactly does this work? 
    It's not magic! :) Our proximity virtual devices connects to our backend advertising network.  As soon as an iPhone, Android, Tablet or Laptop is located within the range of the virtual device or your ad placement, it triggers your ad on the app/site the people are currently viewing.  People click on your ad that takes them to your landing page (included), YouTube video, Facebook, website or any other website.
  3. Does this come with a service contract?
    No. The service is month-to-month.  To start, you are billed the first month and an account activation fee, then monthly.  After this, you can cancel anytime.
  4. Can you guarantee someone close to my device will see my ad?
    No. Nobody can control ad placements. Each partner app and website has their own algorithm for displaying ads. They determine which ads to show first.  Your ad will be among the ads they can display.  We do guarantee a number of impressions/views per month based on the device range you have.